Portland’s 12 Best Soccer Bars We'll Be Rocking All through June

Two big-deal international tournaments mean major day-drinking (and, uh, soccer-watching) opportunities.

By Marty Patail and Ramona DeNies May 27, 2016

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Stammtisch scores points for its highly impressive German beer list.

Copa América, UEFA Euro Cup, Timbers, Thorns. If you're a soccer nut, the month of June will be 30 days of Christmas. Between those tournaments and teams, there are more than 80 games vying for your attention next month. On some days, you'll be able to watch starting at 6 a.m. and not stop until well into the evening.

And, if you're the type to get fired up about major international soccer tournaments, chances are also good that you also enjoy a pint or five. So in preparation for next month's games, we've ranked our favorite places to cheer on while sipping a brew. Because the Beautiful Game is better with a pint of the Beautiful Beverage. (Disclaimer: we disavow all responsibility if you're caught playing hooky.)

12. THIRSTY LION PUB (71 SW 2nd Ave)
This chain bar is the place to go if you work downtown and want to sneak out to catch the second half. It's convenient, but we're guessing you'll have already cashed out when the full-time whistle blows.
PINT: Anything cold.

11. KELLS IRISH PUB (112 SW 2nd Ave)
It's a big step up from the Thirsty Lion across the street, but Kells is notoriously packed during games. And given the fact that Ireland—and Northern Ireland!—both qualified for the Euro, you can expect even bigger crowds than usual. Still, it's by far the best downtown option. 
PINT: We asked our Kildare-born arts editor Fiona McCann for advice: "Pace yourself with Guinness. Save the Jameson shots for the penalty shootout, which historically went in our favor that one time."

10. STAMMTISCH (401 NE 28th Ave)
The German national team is a favorite to bring home the Euro Cup (you'll recall they beat Argentina to win the World Cup just two years ago). Which means there's never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon. Stammtisch only has two screens in the bar, but they're big and high up, so we're not complaining. 
PINT: For Die Mannschaft, we'd go big and light: a frosty liter stein of Hofbräu Original or Andechs Hell

9. GIGANTIC BREWING (5224 SE 26th Ave)
Gigantic owner Ben Love looooves the Timbers. His genteel Reed neighborhood taproom (and "champagne lounge”) isn’t for hooligans—patio etiquette and “civilized drinking" behavior are emphasized online—but Green n’ Gold still muscles out taxidermy as its reigning interior décor. Above the bar, a wall-mounted flatscreen flips on ONLY for Timbers matches, each and every one of them. Bring a picnic, your puppy, and absolutely No Pity.
PINT: It’s all about The Business, a penny-bright “Brit-American” pale ale that pairs Marris Otter 2-row malt with tropical Cascadian hops.

8. THE BLUE ROOM BAR (8145 SE 82nd Ave)
Located right next to Cartlandia, this bikeable bar is an official Timbers and Thorns partner—which means you'll never have to ask them to switch one of their six screens to the game. 
PINT: The draft list may have rotated by the time you make it here, but if you see it, try the Barley Brown Hef

7. BAZI BIERBRASSERIE (1522 SE 32nd Ave)
A true melting pot of a bar: a Belgian beer bar, owned by an amicable Guatemalan expat, that frequently hosts US national team viewing parties. Huzzah! 
PINT: Ella Australian hops spice up Widmer Brothers First Star Red Rye Alt, named with a nod to the yellow star of the Timbers' 2015 MLS win.

6. THE TOFFEE CLUB (1006 SE Hawthorne Blvd)
The shiny new pub on lower SE Hawthorne is a low-key soccer haven, especially if you're rooting for the Three Lions. While the inside only has two screens, Toffee Club is throwing a massive block party on Saturday, June 11 for the England and USA games.
PINT: A bottle of Old Speckled Hen, a Suffolk ale with a most charming origin story

5. PROST!  (4237 N Mississippi Ave)
Prost's North Portland outdoor beer garden gives it a leg up on Stammtisch at #10 (above). This place can get very crowded, and you'll want to show up early for games, but it's one of the few kid-friendly (and dog-friendly!) places to cheer on your team. 
PINT: Another easy summer beer, the Cologne-brewed Früh Kölsch.

4. BEULAHLAND (118 NE 28th Ave)
An under-the-radar soccer watching gem, where the beer is cheap, the projection screen is big, and the cheers are loud. When you run out of money at Stammtisch up the street, this dark, cozy dive welcomes you with open arms. 
PINT: $2.50 pints of PBR—just keep 'em coming.

3. 4-4-2 SOCCER BAR (1739 SE Hawthorne Blvd)
As a soccer watcher, you know the deal with this tiny little bar already. Everyone's favorite Bosnian bar owner Muhamed Mujcic-Mufko will be slinging beers, cracking jokes, and yucking it up with the patrons. Win or lose, you'll go home buzzing.
PINT: You're a citizen of the world—so head for the cold case and make the acquaintance of one of the 4-4-2's many Eastern European beers.

2. NORTH 45 (517 NW 21st Ave)
If you don't want to sit inside all day, North 45 and Prost are the ways to go. The secluded patio on North 45's has a big screen they turn on for big games. 
PINT: The extensive Belgian beer list deserves serious study and exploration, but we can't resist the "Remember the Alamo!" (Shiner Bock and a shot of Sauza).

1. MAD GREEK DELI (1740 E Burnside St)
Greece didn't qualify for the Euro, but Pantelis "Pondo" Kosmas would've wanted you here anyway, laughing, yelling, and slugging down ouzo. The beloved bar owner and Timbers diehard passed away this winter, so do it for Pondo!
PINT: The $2.25 "Mystery Beer in a Bag," duh.

[UPDATE: A previous version of this article mistakenly identified the owner of Bazi as Argentinian, not Guatemalan. We regret the error.]

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