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20 (Mostly) Healthy Back-to-School Snacks & Lunches for Your Little Locavore

Here’s how to easily fill your kiddo’s lunchbox with nutritious Portland-made nibbles.

By Tuck Woodstock August 30, 2017

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A simple ham & cheese sandwich can be made tastier with fresh, local ingredients.

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Can you hear them? All around the city, Portland parents are scrambling to get their kids dressed, fed, and out the door for the new school year. As you dash around the kitchen, looking for something substantive to throw in your little tyke’s lunchbox, take a peek at our list of healthy-ish local snacks, as suggested by New Seasons Market Nutritionist Christi Reed, BS, NTP, and a team of PoMo parents.


Fruits & Veggies


Meat & Dairy

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