Summer Eats: Pantry Prowess

Boost Your Summer Food Game with These Portland Grocery Finds

From wall-to-wall sausages to daily fresh-pulled mozzarella, these are the goods to grab.

By Zach Dundas June 19, 2018 Published in the July 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

Sandwiches at World Foods

1. Disrupt Your Condiments 

New multi-threat Bobbie’s Boat Sauce, created by Robin Rosenberg of bygone downtown café Half & Half, bids Sriracha adieu with a spicy, briny, peppery blast (summer release)Chutneys from Portland’s Cardamom Hills Trading Company strike a versatile global note.

2. Maximum Mozz

Staple gourmet grocer Zupan’s pulls fresh mozzarella daily, and is one of few grocery outlets for Ken’s Artisan Bread, portending canapé triumph. Smoked mozz recurs in the deli-made Smokehouse Pasta salad (alongside Mama Lil’s peppers and smoked paprika)—so it can be, like, a theme.

3. Transcontinental Crush

The tidy little pain-au-lait sandwiches from World Foods Marketeach palm-size and charmingly wrapped in twine—evoke European train station cafés in the best way. (Bring two for everyone.) Meanwhile, the ready-to-grill kebabs made at World Foods’ Barbur Boulevard mothership (but also available at the store’s Pearl location) make cosmopolitan barbecue easy.

4. Hit the Links

Instant BBQ guest cred? Repair thee to miraculous Old Portland survivor Sheridan Fruit Company, an all-around great grocer that excels in sausages. The wall-to-wall display of rarities (like a Basque-style chorizo) could bring a tear to the most jaded eye, and a double bill of the spicy lamb merguez and the sweet, mellow chicken-apple will please most crowds.

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