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The 8 Pantry Essentials That PoMo’s Food Editors Keep in Their Office Drawers

It's called "desk halva," people.

By Benjamin Tepler December 31, 2019 Published in the January 2020 issue of Portland Monthly

Image: Michael Novak

Ground Up Nut Butter The duo behind this Portland-born, feel-good nut butter brand (learn how to make your own on p. 80) churns out jars of coconut-cardamom almond butter for the inevitable midday slump. $15.99 at New Seasons

Felchin Arriba 72 Percent Wafers Chocolate temple Cacao uses this Ecuadoran blend for its intense drinking chocolates. It’s also an amazing value: three bars worth of exquisite cocoa in a doseable format. $9.50 at Cacao

Jacobsen Salt Jacobsen’s hand-harvested Oregon salt might be a Portland cliché at this point, but a big pinch of the flaky stuff is your first line of defense against dismal lunching. $12.99 for 4 oz at New Seasons

Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips This is luxury on a budget, with Pringles-level crunch and real flecks of black Périgord for an intense, truffled head rush. $2.56 at Providore Market

Real Good Food Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Katz Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar Avoid wilty, pre-dressed salads with these critical condiments, sourced from olive oil obsessive Jim Dixon. $7 for the olive oil, $12 for the vinegar at Real Good Food

Hot Mama Salsa’s Smoky Coffee Chili Oil This magic infusion, blended with four types of dried Mexican chiles, black garlic, ground coffee, and sesame seeds, has the power to transform the blandest grain bowl into something heavenly. $10 at Zupan’s

Hebel & Co Halva There is no greater pick-me-up on a bad day than chocolate halva. And LA’s Hebel & Co Halva (they call themselves “Halvatiers”) might just be the best in the world. $17 at Providore Market

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