Welcome the Light with Restorative Yoga on the Solstice

A handful of local yoga studios are offering special Winter Solstice classes to celebrate the coming of longer days and shorter nights.

By Allison Jones December 11, 2014

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December 16, 6:30-8:30 pm: 'Resting in Darkness, Welcoming Light' is an evening of yoga, meditation, and creative practice to celebrate the winter solstice. The practice will hold space to support each attendee through the greatest darkness of the year and to remember the coming light. This two-hour workshop will include gentle and restorative yoga for all levels of ability, seated meditation, and journaling. Please bring something to write on. $20, 55 NE Farragut St. #1, More information and sign-up options. 

The Yoga Space

December 20, 2 to 6 pm: Ahead to Yoga Space's Northwest studio for a free open house event in honor of the winter solstice for yoga and candlelit meditation (with live music by Tosten Larson), a cookie exchange, and an artisan gift fair (featuring hand-carved wooden homewares from Beedy, vintage clothes from Kule Industries, essential oils and cosmetics from Aileen Halvorson, geometric fiber arts from Kaysie Condron, and handwoven baskets from ModernArtifact. Free, and canned good donations will be accepted for the Oregon Food Bank. 210 Northwest 17th Avenue #101

People’s Yoga

December 20, 6-8 pm: Head to People's Yoga's NE Portland location for a solstice celebration with a few warming poses in addition to Yin and Restorative Yoga postures to target areas of greatest tension and congestion within the body. The event will include breath awareness, guided meditation, and live music from Jesse Mejia to invite the mind and body into a natural state of balance. This workshop is available to all, and no previous yoga experience is necessary. $18, 3016 NE Killingsworth St. More information and sign-up options

Sellwood Yoga

December 20, 6-8 pm: The Winter Solstice marks the turn from the shortest day of the year towards the return of light. Welcome the return of illumination with Sellwood Yoga's with a slow, mindful vinyasa flow sequence and a quieter, more reflective yin and restorative yoga style. $30 in advance, $35 at the door, 7970 SE 13th Ave. More information and sign-up options


December 20, 4-6 pm: The winter solstice is a time to name our dreams, our "solstice resolutions," which will grow with the increasing light. This is also a dual celebration, to pause to look back on the journey since the summer solstice, acknowledging what has been completed and the insights and understandings that have been gained. Share, chant, and practice 108 sun salutations together in celebration on the sun's return. $20, 7334 N. Chicago Ave. More information and sign-up options.

Yoga Bhoga

December 21, 2:30-5 pm: Not one but four loving teachers (Kimi, Emily, Meghan and Sweethome) will guide a candlelit ritual yoga practice of 108 Sun Salutations—a practice both meditative and enlivening. All levels welcome. $20 online, $25 in studio, 1028 SE Water Ave. #265, More information and sign-up options

Sunset Yoga Studio

December 21, 4-6 pm: The root of the word solstice comes from a Latin word that means to stand or to stay still. At this time of year, what better than to be reminded to be still, to take time to be quiet. Take two hours to quiet your mind, relax your body, and refresh your spirit with a restorative yoga class at Sunset Yoga Studio. This class will include poses to lengthen and stretch the body before longer quieting poses, as well as breathing and meditation. All levels welcome. 12923 NW Cornell Road #203, More information and sign-up options. 

The Bhaktishop Yoga Center

December 21, 7-9 pm: Welcome the sweet darkness in this ritual celebration of the longest night of the year. In two full hours of simple, quiet, restorative asanas, deep reflection, chanting, and meditation, the class will bring friends and strangers together to honor the depths of our shadows, the parts that allow our light to emerge. Dress yourself in darkness, bring a small, enclosed candle, and prepare to embrace your shadows and your light. $25, 2500 SE 26th Ave. More information and sign-up options. 

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