Portland’s Hot Yoga Studios Want to Make You Sweat

Stay warm and active all winter long with these heated yoga classes.

By Allison Jones and Tuck Woodstock January 21, 2015

Bikram Yoga Fremont Street
4831 NE Fremont St. #3

All Bikram (ahem, “Bikram’s Yoga College of India”) outposts are required to lead students through the same movements (26 postures and two breathing exercises) for the same length of time (90 minutes) in the same space (carpeted 105° rooms with 40% humidity), so once you’ve sweated through one Bikram class, you know what awaits here. For the uninitiated: expect lengthy balancing poses, deep backbends, and sweat pools the size of Crater Lake. Fun!

CorePower Yoga
2277 NW Quimby St and 844 SE Morrison St

Prepare to get your butt kicked, power yoga style, as toned twenty-somethings flow effortlessly through strength postures, ab workouts, and arm balances. This Colorado-based business teaches its booty-building boot camps at more than 100 studios across 13 states, including two Portland locations. Choose between three levels of power vinyasa or opt for our favorite class, Hot Power Fusion, which transforms Bikram's basic class into an engaging 60-minute flow. For the ultimate test, try Yoga Sculpt, which adds free weights, squats, bicep curls, and other strength-training tools to an already challenging vinyasa sequence. 

Hot Yoga For Life
714 N Fremont St

With 10 classes for $10, this small studio off Mississippi Ave touts the best new student deal in town. Take advantage of the steal by sampling all class styles—the schedule is mostly filled with vigorous Hot Power Vinyasa, but also offers Traditional Hot Hatha (think generic-brand Bikram) and an athlete-oriented Weeknight Warrior class. Grand Central Bakery awaits next door for a celebratory after-class croissant. 

* I * * Am Yoga
1301 NE Alberta St

Find new twists on the standard Bikram sequence at this colorful hot hatha studio on Alberta St. Those bored by endlessly repeating the same 26 postures can also challenge themselves anew with the Core 40, a 90-minute class featuring fifteen additional arm balances and other advanced poses developed by senior teacher Tony Sanchez. Core 40 classes are heated to body temperature (99°)—which, after sweating through the Standard 26, may feel downright chilly. (But, you know, probably not.)

Yoga Pearl
925 NW Davis St

This ultra-chic Pearl District studio provides multiple 86­–95° Power Vinyasa sessions per day, as well as two more exotic, but less frequent, heated classes: Forrest Yoga builds strength through a sequence of long holds, while Detox Flow perfectly balances intensity and introspection. Rehydrate post-savasana with a turmeric toddy and green juice in the lobby, which doubles as health food haven Prasad.

Yoga Union
2043 SE 50th Ave

Hot Flow is the token heated offering amidst a diverse range of community yoga courses at this neighborhood wellness center. Although the class description promises high heat and humidity, the wide-windowed room remained lukewarm throughout our 90-minute class. Between the relatively low heat and restorative pace, this class could be a great entry point for hot yoga novices.

1306 NW Hoyt St #101

This fun, free-spirited studio promises “music pumpin,’ sweat drippin,’ ass-kickin’ classes” in the cozy, exposed-brick “Hot Dog” room. Adventurous yogis bend to hip urban beats in Hot Groove, move mindfully through sensual sequences in Slow Sultry Hot, and blaze through molten flow in Hot Lava. Come early and stay late for the Living Room, a hip hangout space stocked with Steven Smith tea where community members read, study, and party.

8525 SW Barbur Blvd

Tucked away off Barbur Boulevard, this Eugene-based company may lack the juice bars and locker room luxuries of other studios, but there’s still plenty to explore and appreciate. Courses with names like Energize, De-Stress, Cooling, and Concept put unique spins on hot vinyasa, and the smaller, older pool of students allows for plenty of individual attention and modifications. 

The Grinning Yogi
3110 SE Division St

If you're not shy about your kick-ass Warrior 3, this SE Division studio's big wall of street-level windows will appeal to the asana exhibitionist in you. Delivering vinyasa flows seven days a week, the studio is on the cooler side of the hot yoga spectrum, with classes hovering around 90 degrees, making it the perfect starting place for those curious about hot yoga but worried about overheating.

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