8 Perfectly Portland Probiotic Products

Local finds to stock your fermented pantry—plus a chance to win some free cultured goodies from Nancy's.

By Allison Jones February 25, 2015 Published in the Health Annual: Summer 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

1. Picklopolis Pickled Watermelon Rind ($7) Packing a powerful crunch, this sweet and sour seasonal pickle is brined in a syrup of apple cider vinegar and cloves. 

2. Moonbrine: Super Dill Pickles ($5) Made in small batches and preservative-free, these herbaceous lactofermented pickles beg to garnish your next sandwich plate.

3. Hot Winter Hot Sauce ($8) Owner Shawn Winter bred and cultivated the perfect pepper, using only heirloom seeds, for his line of distinctive fermented hot sauces. 

4. Olykraut Eastern European Gourmet Sauerkraut ($9) The Olympia-based kraut kings add caraway seeds and apple to their original recipe.

5. Salt, Fire & Time Coconut Yoghurt ($10) This tangy vegan yogurt, alive with active beneficial bacteria, is made in Southeast Portland with raw organic coconut meat and vanilla beans. 

6. Choi’s Kimchi Company Radish Kimchi ($6) Chunks of local daikon radishes give this kimchi a hearty crunch, while ginger and chiles turn up the heat. 

7. Nancy’s Probiotic Greek Yogurt ($2) Available with four varieties of organic Northwest berries, Nancy’s newest yogurt has 15 live culture strains.

8. Lionheart Kombucha Hero’s Blend ($3) This refreshing quaff blends gingko, bilberry, alfalfa, parsley, ginger, and hibiscus for a complex herbal flavor—with zero sugar.  

Want to bring some probiotic goodness home? We're giving away a few Nancy's coupons, good for one free cultured dairy or soy product, including yogurt, sour cream, kefir, and more. Simply comment on this article with your favorite way to get probiotics into your daily diet and we might send a coupon your way.

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