The New Healthy

2014 Health Annual  

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Eat & Drink


Portland's 10 Best Guilt-Free Dishes

Vegan sushi, Paleo parfaits, bracingly acidic ceviche, and salads a-plenty...there's a whole new world of healthy dining out there, and it's delicious.

07/17/2014 By Benjamin Tepler, Allison Jones, Kelly Clarke, and Tuck Woodstock

Health & Wellness


8 Perfectly Portland Probiotic Products

Local finds to stock your fermented pantry—plus a chance to win some free cultured goodies from Nancy's.

02/25/2015 By Allison Jones


Three Crucial Yoga Poses—and Why They Work

Michele Loew of Yoga Space deconstructs three familiar asana shapes, and what they can do for your whole body (and mind).

11/21/2014 By Hannah Wallace


A Kure for the Common Smoothie

The Extra Mile, a perennial customer favorite, tastes like dessert but is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

07/22/2014 By Benjamin Tepler


This Probiotic Crusader Wants You to Get Cultured

How OHSU's Dr. Robert Martindale initiated a “probiotic protocol” for every patient receiving antibiotics.

07/22/2014 By Hannah Wallace


5 Fresh Market-to-Table Recipes

We asked some of Portland’s best chefs, artisans, and farmers to share their favorite recipes for the season's bounty.

07/22/2014 By Benjamin Tepler Photography by Nomad


Your Game Plan For Summitting St. Helens, Hood, and Adams

A trio of nearby peaks beckon—here’s how beginners can start their ascent.

07/21/2014 By Devan Schwartz


8 Great Afternoon Hikes and Rides

Five trails and three bike routes that celebrate Northwest splendor—without the long haul.



A Tribute to the Pioneer of Fitness Wearables

Nike's Fuelband sparked an enduring tech/fitness revolution—but will it survive the industry's changes?

07/17/2014 By Marty Patail


4 Local Alt-Medicine Innovators

Meet a handful of locals blazing trails in complementary care.

07/16/2014 By Hannah Wallace Illustrations by Matty Newton


How Portlanders Are Forging the Frontier of Epigenetics

A team of local researchers is pioneering a radical new way to think about evolution and health.

07/16/2014 By Caitlin Baggott


3 Hot Spots to Kayak—Without Getting Wet

Portland is a paddler’s paradise so mellow, you might not even break a sweat. Here are three perfect spots for the kayaking novice.

07/15/2014 By Maya Seaman


The Big Push Towards Safe Home Birth

Home-birthing mothers sometimes avoid hospitals, even in emergencies. At Legacy Emanuel, doctors and midwives are working together to change that.

07/15/2014 By Jill Davis


Cover Oregon, By the Numbers

We break down the breakdown of the Oregon's healthcare insurance marketplace.

07/15/2014 By Maya Seaman


Inside the South Waterfront’s Innovative (and Luxe) Senior-Living High-Rise

A day in the life of Mirabella, complete with a morning Zumba class, a 7,000-volume library, Mandarin classes, and an evening choral performance.

07/15/2014 By Alisha Gorder


Living the Good Life, PDX-Style

Homing in on what it means to be healthy in the City of Roses, from good wine to great hikes.

07/15/2014 By Zach Dundas


A New Kind of Tourniquet for the Modern Battlefield

Portland-based industrial design firm Ziba’s new design for an ancient life-saving device brings rugged health tech to the US Army.

07/14/2014 By Zach Dundas


Shifting Gears

A recession-era career switch takes a Portlander from showroom to emergency room.

07/14/2014 By Chris Lydgate


How ZoomCare is Shaking Up the Checkup

The Hilsboro-based urgent- and primary-care clinics offer a high-speed prescription for health care.

04/22/2011 By Ethan Epstein

Home & Real Estate


Inside the Arts & Crafts

Elegant details shine in this 1911 home in the Southwest Hills.

07/29/2013 By Kristin Belz

News & City Life


Triathletes Prove Age is Just a Number

Two local women embrace competitive running, swimming, and biking on a global level.

09/03/2013 By Angela Sanders

Travel & Outdoors


The Ultimate Mount Hood Hiking Route

Circumnavigate our favorite Cascade peak for an unforgettable forest adventure.

07/14/2014 By Christopher Van Tilburg