Trash Talk

When Zombie News Goes Viral

For one old Willamette Week story, the internet was ready to party like it's 2002.

02/27/2018 By Chris Lydgate


Shifting Gears

A recession-era career switch takes a Portlander from showroom to emergency room.

07/14/2014 By Chris Lydgate


Dude, Where's My Accent?

Why the California Vowel Shift may have us all by the tongue

12/02/2013 By Chris Lydgate


Inside Adam Berger’s 24th & Meatballs

The meatball-only eatery debuts on NE Glisan, marking the first opening of the highly-anticipated micro-restaurant row The Ocean.

08/13/2012 By Allison Jones


This Land Is Whose Land?

The "doctrine of discovery" comes under careful scrutiny by a legal scholar from (where else?) Lewis & Clark College.

04/27/2012 By Chris Lydgate

get dirty

How to Plant a Tree

03/03/2011 By Kate Bryant

Alternative Medicine

Hippocrates, meet Lao-Tzu

In Portland clinics, doctors trained in diverse healing traditions are learning to work together—and patients can feel the difference.

05/19/2009 By Chris Lydgate

Dock Envy

On the Waterfront

Where Portland once flexed its maritime muscle, shipbuilding (of sorts) surges anew.

05/19/2009 By Chris Lydgate


Bridge Club

Beneath the arches of the St. Johns Bridge, the Jazz Festival began its three-day run on July 18.


Hometown Pride

Twilight Ours

Twilight was shot in Portland early this year. The teenage vampire series--based on a book of the same name-- is so bloody popular that it’s spawned Twilight pilgrimages, in which fanatics trek across the country to visit sites from the book. Here are fiv

05/19/2009 By Anna Hirsh