Gym Spotlight: New Summit Fitness

A new Lake Oswego fitness studio offers Real Ryder "unstationary" cycling, lunchtime TRX bootcamps, and summer paddleboarding.

By Allison Jones May 5, 2015


Eric and Sara Wold don't want you to live to work out, they want you to work out to live. "I think its important to continue to play sports and do the activities we did as kids for as long as we can as adults." That appreciation of play informs every intense and varied 30 to 45-minute workout at the couple's new Lake Oswego gym. Whether they're having you bound back and forth on the Skier's Edge machine, spin to blasting beats on "unstationary" Real Ryder bikes that mimic road bikes (complete with oblique-crunching turns), or amping up the spirit of competition in a small-group bootcamp, New Summit's trainers have a true spirit of fun. 

The best part about New Summit? Eric and Sara understand modern schedules. Offering mid-day 30-minute TRX training perfect for a lunch break, early morning bootcamps, and Saturday rides for weekend warriors, the New Summit schedule can and will encourage you to take time for your health. 

Bottom line? This new studio may not be packed with regulars yet, but with a huge variety of offerings and fitness tools, they're bound to find their following.


Real Ryder "Un-stationary" Cycling: New Summit's indoor cycling takes place on a pack of Real Ryder bikes—that turn and tilt like a road bike—in front of a huge 135-inch screen projecting pulsing music visualization or virtual rides around the world. According to Eric, "The Real Ryder bike provides a phenomenal workout, thanks to the additional core and upper body work you get when riding a tilting bike compared to a traditional stationary bike. Having to stabilize the bikes during the ride increases your core strength, balance, and stability and burns up to 25% more calories over the same time spent riding a traditional indoor bike."

TRX Training: New Summit's dedicated TRX classes take advantage of those bright yellow and black straps you may have seen hanging in gyms around the country. According to New Summit, the "TRX Suspension Trainer and the TRX Rip Trainer develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability" by using your bodyweight and gravity to tailor the perfect resistance—and with hundreds of available exercises using the traps and weighted bar Rip Trainer, these classes are fast-paced and fun.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Starting June 1, New Summit will offer a weeknight and weekend Paddle Fitness classes, which will combine 30 minutes of outdoor bootcamp with 30 minutes of stand up paddle boarding on the Willamette River throughout the summer. 

Real Ryder Bootcamps: Love indoor cycling and bootcamp-style circuits but don't want to have to choose between the two? This is your class. Combining a 15-minute warm-up ride with strength and conditioning classes, this class flies by—in other words? No boredom, ever. "

"Adding an intense 15 minute ride on the Real Ryders in with our interval bootcamp workouts really provides a perfect combination of cardio, strength, and core training.  Topped off with stretching at the end, our clients really get a great full body workout in just 45 minutes."—Eric Wold


New Summit Fitness offers a few flexible pricing options, including drop-in classes for $19, 5-class packs for $85 ($17/class), 10-class packs for $140 ($14/class, includes a free massage at Elements Massage in Lake Oswego), 20-class packs ($12.50/class, includes a free massage at Elements Massage in Lake Oswego), or three levels of memberships for even greater discounts:

  • Monthly unlimited auto-pay: $149/month, which gives members access to all classes, a free massage at Elements Massage in Lake Oswego, and 10% off all merch.
  • 6-Month Prepaid: $599, including all of the above benefits.
  • 12-Month Prepaid: $899, including all of the above benefits. If you work out 4 times a week, each class will set you back less than $5!

New Summit is offering new students a killer deal of TWO FREE WEEKS if you sign up before May 31. Click here for details.


New Summit is working on stocking a mini-marketplace with fresh juices and healthy snacks to recharge clients after a workout, hinting at the potential for cold-pressed juice made in house soon. Need something a little stronger to replenish those electrolytes? "Fly Boy Brewing is next door—and after a Friday evening workout a pint can be the perfect way to start the weekend."

New Summit Fitness
15630 Boones Ferry Rd
Lake Oswego, OR


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