Run like it’s 1848 at the Oregon Trail 5K

Love history? Like running? Get your game on at the Oregon Trail 5k and see if you can survive.

By Mary Stutzman May 1, 2015

Remember how fun it was to “travel the trail” way back in the day? That’s right all you 80’s kids, this here’s your chance to be a pioneer—without the pixels.

On July 25, the Downtown Oregon City Association is hosting an Oregon Trail-themed fun run, complete with landmarks, obstacles, and lots of choices. Based on the game, the race incorporates “decision points” along the way, where you will ask yourself the classic questions: Raft the river or go around? Would you like to stop and hunt? (Or, how many granola bars can you carry?)

Participants will receive both a race time and a “game time” determined by their actions. Choose wrong and you might just die...that's right...of dysentery. 

The course itself is challenging, but historical. Run past Oregon City’s 99-year old municipal elevator and trek up 223 stairs to the top of Singer Hill Falls—no, you can’t take the elevator. Pioneers do. Not. Cheat.—then fly past the McLoughlin house and pay tribute to the "Father of Oregon." 

Finally, finish downtown at the city’s annual “First City Celebration” festival and congratulate yourself on making it to the real end of the Oregon Trail, and pitching in to honor the town's past and future: the race is a a fundraiser for the revitalization of Oregon City's historical downtown district. 

Saturday, July 25, Race starts 10 am on Main St in Oregon City (between 8th and 9th) $30 through May 17, Enter promo code pdxmonthly10 for 10% off.

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