New Year’s Resolution Inspiration from Portland Health Pros

From gratitude and mindfulness to paddleboarding and painting, local wellness experts share their goals for 2016.

By Tuck Woodstock December 29, 2015

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Still searching for that perfect new year's resolution? Borrow one of these great goals from our favorite Portland wellness pros:

“My new year's resolution is to be less stressed. In order to do that I will meditate more and say no more often. I am in the third year of my business, and the first two years were all about taking on everything I could, but at this point the tides are turning, and I have to conserve my energy a little more! 2016 is all about finding the moments of calm in my day, not filling up every second!” — Lacy Davis of Super Strength Health

“Be honest with yourself! Quitting coffee entirely is probably not realistic, but cutting back certainly is. Create smaller, more realistic goals that you can actually achieve, feel good about, and continue to expand upon. Our actionable recommendation: add more vegetables to your diet. It is a great way to start feeling better immediately, and you can find success the day you start!” —Nate Higgins of Kure

I believe in making little changes gradually so that they become habits. Then it'll stick. For example, instead of pre-flavored yogurt with tons of sugar added, I make my own so I have control over how much sugar (or maple syrup in my case) is added. Then you can gradually cut back on the amount little by little. This is over a course of weeks, maybe even months. This way your taste buds get used to the less sweet. That works best for me. When I then go back and buy a preflavored one, it's almost painfully sweet and I don't like it anymore.” — Eva Sippl of Eva’s Herbucha

"I'm picking a word of the year for 2016: Easeful. Focusing on more rest days, not-so-intense workouts, fewer strict "food rules," and way more free time, it may seem like an anti-resolution, but with all the buzzing around I do for work and fun, I need a constant reminder to slow down and appreciate every day. I'm even moving to a little house in the woods to make everything a little quieter! Picking a word rather than a traditional resolution avoids that classic feeling of February Failure, when too-strict goals go out the window. Here's to an easeful 2016!"—Allison Jones of ZOOM+

“To be multi-dimensional: To be outside every season at least once a week, snowboarding, sailing, hiking, or SUPing, to be active outside of the business. Women business owners often forget that their primary relationship should be with themselves - I want to tease my senses and my sense of adventure and this means discovering new perfumes, reading (not just cookbooks!), writing, and exploring the world every quarter, traveling to new places to make new friends and tender the old ones. Busy people know how to get things done; this includes carving out time far in advance, then you just have to promise yourself to be defensive of it and ride the wave of your own intention!” —Tressa Yellig of Broth Bar and Salt, Fire & Time

"I'm making this year about consistent mindfulness and bringing awareness to my breath. We often focus on improving our weight or changing our diet but rarely take the time to implement consistent stress management/self-care tools. Implementing a consistent practice of mindfulness, even for a few minutes a day (every day!), can impact our immune system, brain and performance."—Natasha Kassam, ND of ZOOM+Performance

“In 2016 I plan to focus on creative expression, the process of creating and making art — of whatever kind — that feels important and enriching to me.  There is so much to think about in life, to do, but I feel that the experience of being vitally alive comes from engaging deeply with, and expressing, the truths that comes from deep inside.” — Erin Moline of Confluence Clinic

To be grateful for this moment, and eat a few more veggies.” – Dr. Raina Lasse of Red Leaf Clinic 

“I set my big fitness goal for 2016 back in September when I signed up for the Smith Rock Ultra Marathon. For me, I’ve learned that having a goal race will get me out on the trails to log miles. I’m opposite most people who tend to be okay logging running miles but put off strength and conditioning work. My “why” is that I feel my best when I do log a fair amount of running miles. But I need the motivation to get out there and do it all winter. I’m also excited to try something new. I’ve never done the ultra distance before (30 miles) or a trail race.” —Jeremy Hyatt of Hyatt Training 

Stay focused, but surrender to opportunity and possibility.” —Kelly Suttell of Hot Yoga for Life

What's your new year's resolution for 2016? Let us know in the comments! 

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