Pmha 16 barefoot running kcpzwt



Slightly less mortifying than its cousin, completely nude running

The fleshy slap of unprotected flesh against concrete never gets old

Makes Rollerblading and unicycling look pretty chic, actually

The rare fitness trend that really forced Nike and Adidas to think for a minute

Five-toed slip-on booties make civilization’s enemies easy to spot

Triggers an exhilirating rush of smugness

Finally: an exercise regime that matches your woven poncho

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Pmha 16 barefoot running kcpzwt


Basis for modern-day parable “The Emperor’s New Shoes”

Ruins pedicures in like 30 seconds

Guys, even Ötzi the Iceman had sensible footwear

Just another boring reason not to smash bottles in the street anymore

Factional rivalry with combat-boot running spiraling out of control

Proven gateway to barefoot everything else

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