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Oregon began administering the first doses of the two approved COVID-19 vaccines in December 2020. You can view updated information on how many people have received the vaccine in the dashboard embedded below or at the Oregon Health Authority website. 

Because of the scarcity of vaccines, they are being distributed to the population in phases, each divided into subgroups. Currently, we are in phase 1A, with hospitals and skilled nursing facilities receiving the lion's share of the vaccines. OHA estimates that the general population will begin receiving the vaccine sometime this spring. 

How long will it take to vaccinate everyone?

OHA estimates there are 300,000–400,000 people in Phase 1A. See the chart at the bottom of this article for updated vaccination numbers. 

On January 4, after facing criticism that Oregon was lagging far behind nearly every other state, Gov. Kate Brown announced a new goal of administering 12,000 vaccine doses a day by around January 15—roughly equal to the allotment of vaccines the state receives every week. If vaccines are distributed consistently at that rate, it would take more than 9 months for all 3.3 million Oregonians (18 and over) to be vaccinated. (This estimate does not factor in second doses, which both vaccines require.)

According to the World Health Organization, the threshold for herd immunity varies by disease and is currently unknown for COVID-19. For measles it is 95 percent of the population; for polio, 80 percent.

Who will get the vaccine next?

Starting on January 23, Oregon will begin making the vaccine available to anyone over 65, childcare providers, and educators. 

For phases 1B, 1C, and 2, OHA has convened a vaccine advisory committee to help ensure that vaccine distribution is equitable and reaches at-risk and vulnerable populations. It includes representatives from Native and indigenous peoples, hospitals, nonprofits, and other communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. The full list of committee members can be found here

Likely included in the rest of the first phase are front-line, public-facing workers: teachers, grocery store workers, and public transit employees. 

How can I sign up to receive the vaccine? 

Unfortunately, there is no centralized system for signing up for a vaccine yet. OHA recommends checking their website for updates. 

The Oregon Convention Center is being used as a mass vaccination site run by four major local hospitals (Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health, OHSU and Providence). The eventual goal of this center is to administer 25,000 or more vaccinations a day.

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