This New Company Makes Products for Womb Health with Oregon Weed

Founded in Mexico City, Xula creates tinctures and creams for period pain and menopause with cannabinoid combinations.

By Dalila Brent May 26, 2022 Published in the June 2022 issue of Portland Monthly

Image: Courtesy Xula

Can cannabis help your period? What about the effects of menopause? The founders of Xula—a company founded in Mexico and growing all its base products at farms in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley—think so. Centered around womb health, Xula creates products tailored to keeping period pain at bay (amen), using cannabinoid combinations and a hearty dose of herbs to pinpoint and treat. 

“For cramps, we have specific herbs like mugwort that have antispasmodic action; for hot flashes, we have specific herbs like black cohosh that help with cooling,” cofounder Karina Primelles says. There’s research behind Xula’s claims: the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, the federal agency tasked with researching alternative health approaches, confirms these herbs can help with menstrual cramps and menopause, though thus far the FDA has approved only prescription cannabis drug products. 

Waiting for the FDA seal hasn’t stopped Primelles and cofounder Mennlay Golokeh
Aggrey from launching their brand, however, though it did mean they had to reach for their thinking caps when it came to naming their products. “A lot of that is in response to compliance laws that we had to work with,” Aggrey explains of terms like Moon-a-pause and Lights Out. “We can’t say menopause, we can’t
say PMS. These things, according to the FDA, are considered medical claims.” 

Clever puns notwithstanding, the Xula team takes its formulas seriously, drawing inspiration from both Chinese medicine and Western herbalism.

Aggrey and Primelles introduced the brand in Portland in person in late 2020. Local stores—including CBDlish and Beam & Anchor—got on board, stocking up on Xula tinctures. Wanna do the same? Behold some of its best sellers. 

Image: Courtesy Xula

zzz! lights out
Trouble sleeping? This mixture of full-spectrum CBD (which contains THC), and CBN—a cannabinol known for having sedative effects—works with passionflower and other herbs like kava root and catnip to help get the rest you need, sans sheep. Instructions say to take a drop 30 minutes before bedtime. 





Image: Courtesy Xula

uff! moon + womb
These drops combine CBD with sundry herbs including ginger root, lemon verbena, and black cohosh. The mix is designed to tackle one of the most common gynecological issues: period cramps. Xula recommends pairing this tincture with its topical “Touch and Soothe” body salve. 






Image: Courtesy Xula

ah! calm + clarity
As Xula’s strongest formula, just one drop of Ah! offers an ultra-relaxed vibe, without sleepiness. (We know; we’ve tried it.) The blend of hemp, MCT oil, and herbs including blue vervain is finished with spearmint oil, combining an earthy taste with a delightfully refreshing finish. 

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