Dancing Candles

Candlelight dances naturally, but so do these graceful candlestick holders.

By Kristin Belz February 26, 2012


Scandinavian candlestick holders seem to move even without the flicker of the candlelight.

Candlestick holders can be merely functional vehicles for light, or they can be artistic objects in their own right, beautiful even without a candle lighted at night. These candlestick holders from Menu are both: a dancing duo day and night, candles lighted or not.

Mikaela Dorfel is the designer of the plainly named Double Candleholders made by Menu, a Danish design company specializing in “Scandinavian Design Originals.” She’s Finnish, lives in Germany, and has recently brought out her should-be-iconic candleholders in bright colors as well as the original mirror finish stainless steel or powder-lacquered black.

The curving profile of each set of holders makes them look like they’re a twirling, linking couple dancing across the ballroom floor. Yet they exude graceful movement even as they stand stable as singles as well. They’d look good solo, or as a pair, or in multiple pairs swishing down a long dining table.

The holders even come in giant size – 25 ½” tall – for a grand ballroom dance. But most tabletops will be the proper stage for the regular 12 ½” high size. The powder-lacquered steel colors include red, yellow, purple and turquoise for the regular size, plus black and the shiny stainless steel, which are available in large as well.

They can be purchased online through Burke Décor or Home Werx (which also has two stores in Vancouver, BC, should you be crossing the border any time soon). Prices are $80 a set for the normal size (and up to $700 for the large size in mirror finish stainless).

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