Seconds Sale Spells Bargains

Bargains are to be had at Pigeon Toe and Syrk's seconds sale and open studio this Sunday.

By Kristin Belz October 8, 2012


Pigeon Toe Ceramics is having an open studio party and seconds sale this Sunday October 14. It's their second annual seconds sale, and their first party since moving into new studio space on the eastside. Come roam through the selection of "minorly flawed pieces." The deal is, "anything you can fit into the Pigeon Toe-provided boxes for $50 per box," though no word yet as to how big the boxes are. Presumably, they're not ring boxes!

Their neighbor, Jason Russell, is opening up his Syrk ceramics studio as well. The timing is good: he's recently gone public (and retail) with his "ceramic pieces for modern living," launching a debut collection of tableware, Horizon.  The simple, solid salt cellar and nesting bowls feature a delicate, handdrawn line that evokes the calming horizon of the ocean.


Pigeon Toe will open its studio for a celebration and sale of "seconds" - pieces that have minor flaws.

When: Sunday, October 14th, 2-6 PM
Where: The Pigeon Toe and Syrk warehouse :: 424 N Tillamook St Portland OR 97227

Pigeon Toe Ceramics 
Phone: 503.709.5479

Syrk Tableware
Phone: 503.313.3090 

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