Bring Your Home to Life with Local Flowers

Fieldwork Flowers reveals how to build a better bouquet.

By Rachel Ritchie October 5, 2015 Published in the Design Annual: Fall 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

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Image: Michael Novak

At Fieldwork Flowers, things look a little different. Launched in 2010, Megan Arambul’s floral business is fueled almost exclusively by local farmers—and what she can fit in her Toyota Corolla. “I will not use anything that isn’t fresh,” says Arambul. “I’m such a flower snob.” But there’s also just something unexpected about Fieldwork’s ultra-seasonal arrangements—a certain vitality, an element of surprise, a bit of happy chaos. “I love things nice and tidy, but I also just love a total mess,” she says. “There’s a lot of energy there that I think people can appreciate.” Here’s how she balances the chaos for a striking autumnal arrangement.

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Image: Mia Nolting


“They smell like coconut and they last two weeks. A real pleaser.”


Every flower is wildly different: embrace their amazing natural structure!


“Who doesn’t appreciate a cattail? They represent summertime. Hot dog on a stick, ya know?”


“Because they’re so romantic. Their color is dramatic, but they’re weightless. Full of passion, in my opinion. I never mind their fragrance, which truly mirrors chocolate.” 

Start with substantial stems, like geranium, then add smaller flowers at striking angles.


“They’re lime green: a healthy, energetic color. And the full shape made of tiny blooms reliant on the overall wellness of the plant adds healthy points. They’re happy and calm.”


“This is a personal favorite of mine, mainly because the blooms are so complex. I love that their heads are aerodynamic and change directions over time. The fact that their blooms are white sort of balances their spontaneous tendencies. What a chase!”

Use long, shooting structures to create interest. “It’s a little bit aggressive. We call those ‘f*ck you flowers!’”
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