A Stunning New Pool House at Black Butte Ranch

Designer Corey Martin unites architecture and landscape in Central Oregon.

By Zach Dundas March 25, 2016 Published in the April 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

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Designer Corey Martin’s first sketch for a new pool house, rec center, and bistro at the famed Central Oregon resort Black Butte Ranch came together late at night, and showed a building completely covered by the earth. “Could the building just disappear into the landscape?” Martin, a principal at the Portland firm Hacker, recalls wondering. “As it evolved, the design became about framing views with architecture—about making those connections stronger. The building is carved out of the landform.” The 2015 additions update Black Butte’s original Pacific Northwest modernist aesthetic, a remnant of the 1970s. “The place has an amazing architectural legacy,” Martin says. “We wanted to honor that, but evolve it.”

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