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Beautiful Brass Mobiles to an Oregon Trail Board Game, October’s Best Local Stuff

Portland makers have it dialed.

By Eden Dawn September 13, 2016 Published in the October 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

Pomo 1016 trophy case plant mobile cxbxj6


After studying small-scale sculptures at Olympia’s Evergreen State College, jewelry designer Natalie Joy Miller branches beyond accessories with a series of beautiful brass mobiles such as this Monstera Deliciosa—also known as the split leaf philodendron. $130,

Pomo 1016 trophy case oregon trail card game hsk5iz


Originally released in 1971, the Oregon Trail video game taught countless youngsters in classrooms about the dangers of dysentery and fording rivers. Now Pressman Toy company has released a board game version with trail cards, supply cards, and calamity cards. If only moving to Oregon were actually this treacherous, amirite? $13 at Target

Pomo 1016 trophy case conundrum trail mix y1wknh


A far cry from the average mix of cashews with a sad raisin or two, Conundrum trail mix boasts a cavalcade of flavors like Oregon-grown hazelnuts, rosemary, and lavender seasoned with bursts of brown sugar and Jacobsen flake salt. $5 at Made Here PDX

Pomo 1016 trophy case spherical chairs kbolah


Venn Design creator Tyler Benner says his stylish, spherical chairs encourage active, thoughtful sitting by forcing you to balance (or gleefully bounce) while you work—a boon to both body and mind. Benner’s orbs use an internal ball cushion wrapped in foam and coated with a layer of heavy duty fabric ranging from hemp linen to Pendleton’s signature jacquard prints. $199–499,

Pomo 1016 trophy case mimi ceramics tvhubi


Local ceramic artist Mica DeMarquez throws her simple, functional pieces of dishware by hand, kilnfiring them to bisque before glazing them up into sweet dotted gems. Then comes one more high fire at a blazing 2,200 degrees, making your mug both microwave and dishwasher safe. $18–60,

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