Design Week 2018: Dave Otte

What Is Architecture's Social Responsibility?

Dave Otte of Holst Architecture talks housing insecurity and design.

By Anya Rehon March 27, 2018 Published in the April 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

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Holst Architecture's co-housing model in Kenton

As part of Design Week Portland, Holst Architecture's Dave Otte leads a panel on homelessness and design.

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Dave Otte

How is housing insecurity a design problem?

We need a frontal attack on all aspects of housing. We have to make housing more affordable. We need more shelter. We need more typical apartments. Design can help figure out those different models and scales.

Give us an example.

We are in the funding and permitting stages of a co-housing model in Kenton called LISAH, or low-income single adult housing. It is a series of duplexes that would house 72 housing-challenged people. Each duplex houses 12 people who share two kitchens and four bathrooms; each person has their own small bedroom. We are trying to reduce plumbing and square footage as much as possible

What can we expect from your panel discussion?

We are going to have a really diverse panel of people who work in and around the world of housing and homelessness: Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury can make it. Kaia Sand from Street Roots, Portland developer Kevin Cavenaugh, Stacy Borke from Transition Projects, and Ashley Henry from Business for a Better Portland will also be there.

Homelessness Is Not Normal: The Cause & Way Forward

6–8 p.m. Wed, April 18, Bud Clark Commons, $10

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