Move over, fire pit (and say goodbye to smoke in your eyes), with a rustic terra-cotta outdoor chimney. Ranging from six-inch decorative warmers to five-foot-tall wood-burning ragers, all festooned with a variety of Southwesterny patterns, these Mexican chimineas will keep the party cozy long after the sun has said goodnight. $149–360 (for wood-burning chimineas) at Little Baja


Hand-poured in small batches right here in PDX, Bridge Nine Lime Citronella candles put a zesty-fresh spin on the grassy-scented first line of defense against summer’s humming vampires. Not only will they help keep you toxin- and bug-bite-free for 50 hours, but they’re nestled in a reusable amber-hued Ball jar—perf for camping, too. $24 at MadeHere PDX


How do you keep your Uncle Ted, tutu-sporting niece, and recently acquired Tinder flame all entertained at the family reunion? Rent giant party games from Portland’s Recreation Department. From classic cornhole to a humongous Connect Four board, these locally built lawn sets keep your fam focused on the competition ... instead of certain questions. (“So, how did you two meet again?”) $60–80, rec-dept.com


Portlanders love dangling twinkle lights just about as much as they love the ubiquitous beer gardens they adorn. Spice up your typical outdoor ornamentation with jaunty fishing-float lights featuring vintage-inspired glass light covers—perfect for lending a romantic, sudsy glow to your next backyard bash. $12.99 at Orchard Supply Hardware