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Squarespace’s Downtown Office Puts an Emphasis on Togetherness—and Food

Meals are a big deal here.

By Marty Patail December 31, 2019 Published in the January 2020 issue of Portland Monthly

Squarespace’s food card pod adjacent office

One upside to a business that doesn’t meet with clients: no need for a front desk.

Instead, when you walk into Squarespace’s bright but unmarked four-story offices, you’ll be greeted by the sounds and smells of food, convivial chatter, and, often, laughter. The front entrance deposits you directly into what could be called a cafeteria—although that word’s fluorescent-lit connotations don’t do justice to the space’s elegant wooden tables, giant windows, and taps flowing with kombucha and beer (The beer taps are locked until the evening.) All 150 Squarespace employees can get lunch here (the food’s provided by Cravings, a local caterer), and the two floors above have kitchens with adjoining snack and breakfast pantries so stocked it would make a Costco-crazy parent blush. (On a recent visit, my tour guides were still raving about the previous day’s build-your-own burger lunch, which included vegan and vegetarian options.) If you haven’t caught on yet, food is a big deal here.

On the second floor, the wonders continue in the “Vault,” a dark theater with a massive 75-inch screen, PS4 and N64 consoles, and a Rock Band rig for gaming—or, you know a quiet place to work, if employees are so inclined. (Employees all have laptops, and while there are sections tied to workgroups, people in general are free to roam.),

As you’ve probably seen in its Super Bowl ads starring a motorcycle surfing Keanu Reeves, Squarespace (which also has offices in NYC and Dublin) is a website building platform, often used to create digital craft, photography, writing, and art portfolios. The company gives its employees two free websites to use for their personal projects, encouraging them to pursue their creative pursuits. Employees also make their own “cover pages” which the company displays like huge rotating business cards on screens around the office—they include employees’ preferred pronouns, interests, hobbies, and extracurricular projects.

All those little things add up. According to Mary Good, Squarespace’s “chief people officer,” the most popular response on a recent employee survey says it all: “I feel like I can be myself here.”

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