Next-Level Bodega

Mini Mini Reimagines the Convenience Store

The East Burnside mini-mart elevates the utilitarian corner store to a haven of Helvetica, crowlers, and niche snacks.

11/14/2016 By Jason Buehrer

First Look

Chef Naoko’s Bento Café Gets a Redesign from Star Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma

We’ve got a first look at the farm-fresh eatery’s new digs.

11/14/2016 By Benjamin Tepler


How Two Portlanders Turn Interior Design into Mind-Bending Art Projects

Artists Trish Grantham and Michael Paulus create striking, one-of-a-kind painted interiors across the city.

07/12/2016 By Heather V. Keeling


How to Stage Your Home Like a Pro

This Thursday, the founder of one of Portland's most respected home-staging companies reveals his method.

04/27/2016 By Claire Colby


An Ambitious Custom Home in Vancouver (?!) Shows What the 'Burbs Could Be

A Portland firm's bespoke home in Clark County raises the bar for suburban design.

11/24/2014 By Zach Dundas


5 Multifunctional Coffee Spots

CDExD’s new floral-interiors-espresso space is the latest in growing trend of combination coffee shops and… something else.

09/05/2013 By Molly Woodstock