The pandemic—and our country’s lack of support to small businesses during it—have struck again. And with it a little piece of Portland bar history could now be yours.

Beech Street Parlor’s beautiful foursquare home is up for sale, along with the business, after closing permanently this month. In 2009, Djamilah Troncelliti and her husband Zach Sargent purchased the now 104-year-old foursquare home and went to work converting it into a lovely neighborhood hang spot. They brought in Troncelliti's sister Maryam as a third to open it as Beech Street Parlor, the second in their family franchise that also included the now long gone and legendary indie rock hangout, Tiga.

What you can see from the real estate listing on the 2,328 square foot home converted to a live/work space is the obvious: Beautiful flocked wallpaper, a bathroom big enough for 10 girls to cram into while one finishes a story, a sturdy stairwell that can handle tipsy clients stomping up and down, and a shiny bar as pretty as you can imagine.

What you can’t see is the years of good vibes invisibly caking the century-old walls. They had a nonstop parade of notable DJs every week, from members of the Strange Babes trio to the busiest drummer in the city, Papi Fimbres, to all manner of Xray FM peeps. Personally, I associate this place with watching my best friends close it down to have their wedding reception here and pack it with love. I celebrated at least three of my birthday parties on the porch big enough for a choir and devoured some 50,000 pounds of their salty, delicious shoestring fries. We even took over a room in February to hold a wake for our cat, Covered Wagon. Yes, you read that right. At Beech Street, anything went.

And in a time when more new condos go up, and shiny places go into the modern concrete shells, the Old Portlander in me hopes we can hang onto these places with charm too. The ones where the rooms are shaped a little strangely or only have one bathroom with an extended line. Sadaka Realty agent Samih Sadaka notes that while the live/work home is listed for $600,000, for an additional $65,000 interested parties could purchase the space and Beech Street Parlor as a business in full. In fact, he says if he wasn’t tied up in other projects, he’d go for this rare deal himself.


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