House Hunters

A $19 Million Luxury Ranch Home Is Currently Listed in Central Oregon

Here are some celebrities we’d like to think would be on the market for the ornate ranch pad.

By Michelle Harris and Margaret Seiler August 31, 2022

Won't you be our neighbor? 

California has the Hollywood Hills mansions. Oregon has this luxury R&B Ranch. Listed for almost $19 million, the lavish home in Sisters looks like something out of MTV Cribs, with eight bedrooms, a movie theater (with balcony seating, if you don't mind), 507 acres of manicured lawn, and a racetrack—just to name a few l'il perks. The entire home—we're talking about the McMansion of ranches—has man-cave(esque) vibes throughout, from dark wooden accents to leather chairs with nailhead trimming to a gaming room with arcades and air hockey. And it could all be yours for just short of $19 million! 

Yep, this mega ranch is one of the most expensive homes currently on sale in Oregon. So, now, the question: which mega-watt celebrity do we think we should woo for such a prime piece of local real estate? We've already got our fair share of stars who have found their pied a terre in our fair state: Bruce Campbell, the king of B movies like Evil Dead and Army of Darkness, has  a place in Jacksonville, and Jim Belushi owns a pot farm in Southern Oregon. So who's next? C'mon celebs, won't you be our neighbor?  

Chris Pratt

Sure, the Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy star and wife Katherine Schwarzenegger (yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is Chris Pratt’s father-in-law) already own a ranch on the San Juan Islands. But does it have a private fishing pond and a basketball quart? Doubtful. Pratt, whose hobbies include fishing and collecting dead bugs, would feel right at home on the sprawling property, with plenty of space outdoors for finding critters to add to his stash. (The best part: obvs, picturing the Daddy-in-law departing after a family visit, with “I’ll be back.” It will never get old.)—MH

Ben and Jennifer Affleck (a.k.a. Bennifer)

After tying the knot this summer, the high-profile couple must surely scoping out an additional residence to escape from their hella flashy Bel-Air mansion every now and then. Will this be the place where the pair films a sequel to J Lo’s “Marry Me” music video? (We're volunteering as extras.) Or maybe J Lo will convert the basketball court into a dance studio while Ben, who once managed to get himself banned from a Vegas casino, gathers some friends for a night of gambling in the property’s poker-equipped saloon. —MH

The Kardashians

The Kennedy family of reality television (just a lot more ostentatious), it’s not difficult to picture the Kardashians hosting their new show on Hulu, The Kardashians, at the equally opulent ranch home in Sisters (even the name of the town fits the bill—sisters from Sisters! Geddit?). Or better yet, perhaps the new locale would inspire a sequel series to Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. —MH

Ryan Reynolds

This British Columbia–born actor and Twitter king (seriously, his timeline is a hoot) already has Oregon connections thanks to his role as the Aviation Gin spokesperson. So wouldn’t it only make sense for him to own a home in the state that produces the stuff? Close enough to his birth place but far enough away so he doesn't run into embarrassing high school exes? After buying the ranch, he could mix you up a gin-infused drink at the wet bar in between starring in Deadpool movies, filming Aviation Gin ads, and relaxing by the fire with wife Blake Lively while watching black and white classics on their fave TV channel, TCM. —MH

Lil Nas X

After he buys the house with that big wad of "Old Town Road" cash, Lil Nas X can dig out his "Old Town Road" outfit to fit right in at the Sisters Rodeo. But when that Central Oregon summer heat hits, maybe the outfit (or lack of one) from his "Industry Baby" video would be more appropriate. Let us know when Jack Harlow comes over for Ping-Pong, since with almost 15,000 square feet the players might need some help retrieving the balls that bounce off the table. —MS