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Property Watch: A 1930s Clinker Brick Bungalow in Hosford-Abernethy

Opulent light fixtures, a scullery in the kitchen, and a 5-star Airbnb in the backyard are just a few details of this inner Southeast Portland home.

09/06/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Portland Bar Guide

Check Out These Gorgeous Bar Bathrooms

From Pac-Man tile at Ground Kontrol to gold detail at Doug Fir, these bar bathrooms are perfect for picture-taking, mirror-primping, or just plain admiring.

09/02/2022 By Katherine Chew Hamilton, Michael Novak, Conner Reed, Margaret Seiler, and Matthew Trueherz

House Hunters

A $19 Million Luxury Ranch Home Is Currently Listed in Central Oregon

From Mr. and Mrs. Affleck to Lil Nas X, these are the famous names that could be on the market for a luxury home in Sisters, Oregon.

08/31/2022 By Michelle Harris and Margaret Seiler

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Portland Rents Are Rising—But Not as Much as in the Suburbs

The city's rate of growth in rent increases is actually well below the national average. Beaverton is a different story.

08/30/2022 By Julia Silverman

Real Estate

Property Watch: A Prettily Preserved Tudor in the Hillside Neighborhood

Stained glass windows, gothic arches, wrought iron railings, and decorative woodwork are just a few highlights of this picture perfect Portland home.

08/29/2022 By Melissa Dalton

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Property Watch: A Grant Park Home with a Lot of Wow Moments

Designer tile, a backyard spa, and custom white oak storage are just a few features of this Northeast Portland home.

08/22/2022 By Melissa Dalton

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Property Watch: A Curving Brick Abode in Laurelhurst

Inlaid wood floor, mahogany columns, coffered ceilings, and a mysterious callout to an old ski lift company are just a few features of this historic Portland home.

08/15/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Home Remodel

A Manzanita House with a History Gets a Game Changer of a Makeover

Out went the beige carpet and surfboard décor, in came built-ins, nautical curves, and a spa bathroom in this beach house on the Oregon Coast

08/11/2022 By Julia Silverman Photography by George Barberis

Real Estate 2022

Is the Portland Housing Market Getting More Buyer Friendly?

Signs point to yes, even though home sale prices in Portland, Oregon, are still near historic highs.

08/10/2022 By Julia Silverman

Real Estate

Price Point: Urban Farm vs. Updated Farmhouse in Southeast Portland

With $600,000, would you choose the midcentury charm with gardens galore in South Tabor, or stylish farmhouse in Woodstock?

08/09/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Home Decor

Q&A: Emily Henderson and The New Design Rules

The Oregon-born blogger and author makes grout treatments and selecting carpet samples relatable in her new how-to book on design and décor.

08/09/2022 By Shannon Daehnke

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Property Watch: A Mid-Century Modern Retreat in Highland Crest

Large windows and sliding glass doors open up this Southwest Burton Road home, built in 1962.

08/08/2022 By Melissa Dalton

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Property Watch: A Serene Dutch Colonial In Irvington

From the outside, you'd never guess this historic Northeast Portland home has had a top-to-bottom makeover, with updated plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and more.

08/01/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Heat Wave

Are Oregonians Learning to Love Air Conditioning?

As temperatures rise , new data from the federal government suggests that the answer is yes.

07/27/2022 By Julia Silverman

Real Estate

Every Portland Suburb in a Nutshell

Beaverton to Wood Village, Camas to Wilsonville.

07/26/2022 By Julia Silverman, Matthew Trueherz, Conner Reed, and Dalila Brent

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Property Watch: A Light and Bright House Made of Modular Triangles in Eliot

Of course this modern home in inner Northeast Portland by Irving Park has been featured in Dwell.

07/25/2022 By Melissa Dalton


Gresham's New Library Could Be Our Starchitect Moment

Designers of the new 95,000 square foot East County flagship branch, which is set to open in 2025, are shooting for the moon.

07/18/2022 By Julia Silverman

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Property Watch: An Unfussy, Modernized Tudor in Ladd’s Addition

Originally built in 1925, this Portland home has been gloriously updated, but still with so many charming nooks and crannies.

07/18/2022 By Melissa Dalton

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Housing Inventory in Portland Is Rising: Which Quadrant Had the Biggest Spike?

New numbers show a sharp rise in available homes to buy in June, as pending sales take a dip.

07/14/2022 By Julia Silverman

Real Estate

Price Point: Updated Montavilla Ranch vs. Sunny Pearl Condo

Both of these homes are listed for $699,000. Which one do you think is the better deal?

07/13/2022 By Melissa Dalton