The Perfect Party 2008

Our second annual roundup of the year’s biggest news-makers

May 19, 2009 Published in the December 2008 issue of Portland Monthly

The former CEO of Nau seemed to have a can’t-miss idea: a clothing line and store that combined Portland’s love of the outdoors with its love of the earth. What wasn’t sustainable, though, was the business, which went bust after a year. But Nau is bouncing back in partnership with clothing maker Horny Toad. Maybe they’ll consider a new name. Nau and Later, anyone?

Just when we’d all forgotten that horrid Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Junior—in which the Governator becomes pregnant—along comes Beatie. The 34-year-old Bend resident, who had partial sexual reassignment surgery in his 20s but kept his female reproductive organs, made headlines when he gave birth to a healthy baby girl in June, a feat no other man can claim—not even Governor Schwarzenegger.

This fall, Paulson’s pops, US Department of the Treasury Secretary Henry Merritt Paulson Jr. (perhaps you’ve heard of him?), asked Congress for a jaw-dropping $700 billion bailout. About the same time, our Paulson, the owner of the Beavers and Timbers, was asking local investors for more than $75 million to upgrade PGE Park in the hope of luring Major League Soccer to town. The sum may seem paltry in comparison with his father’s request, but still, $75 million for futbol? That takes—ahem—balls.

The plucky Portland clothing designer better known as Leanimal (although she’s giving up the nickname) conquered the rest of the catty characters on Bravo’s Project Runway, giving local fashion fans a reason to cheer—and offering the rest of the world proof that, at least in one case, there’s more to Portland than flannel.

It’s a simple rule, really. Run a televised ad in which you pop open a microbrew with your hook hand, and you’ll get votes. Apparently not enough votes, however. Although he fell short in his US Senate primary bid against fellow Democrat Jeff Merkley, the outspoken Novick brought a refreshing, self-effacing candor to the campaign. If we’re lucky, he’ll run for US Senate again in 2010.

The 6-foot-1 Beaverton 12-year-old might be the first athlete in the history of sports to be too good. She started out playing basketball against girls her age, but her teams won by lopsided margins like 90-7. So she began running with 12-year-old boys in a spring league, only to discover that the other players’ parents didn’t like Nared dropping 30 points a game on their sons. So they kicked her out. Until the rest of her peers’ skills catch up to her talent, Nared is practicing with high school girls and making a fluffy bed out of the letters from college basketball coaches.

Emboldened by a bellyful of booze, McAtee thought it wise to attack motorist (and former Bike Gallery employee) Colin Yates and his Subaru Legacy after the two men got into a traffic flap in July—not with his fists or feet, but with his bike. The star player in this year’s most talked-about road-rage incident, McAtee was arrested and charged with assault, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and DUII. Note to Mr. McAtee: Next time, stick to the middle finger.

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