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These four locally produced apps will make you fall in love with your 3GS all over again.

By Lucy Burningham August 18, 2009 Published in the September 2009 issue of Portland Monthly

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by BaerCode
Gotham may have had the bat signal, but our microbrew mecca has something better: the Beer Signal. When your parched palate is screaming for a Hair of the Dog Blue Dot IPA and no lesser beer will do, log in to pinpoint precisely which brews are being served at which watering holes, at that very moment. Maintained in part by avid Tweeters, who report when bars tap a new keg, Beer Signal shows updated tap lists for more than 150 Portland bars and restaurants (with live cams revealing the taps at EastBurn and Saraveza). Superhero capes are not included.

by Forkfly
We used to scoff at our mother for clipping deals out of the Sunday paper. But in this era of universal belt-tightening, a deal’s a deal, even if it involves coupons. Forkfly takes the scissors (and paper cuts) out of the process by allowing users to search Portland restaurants, boutiques, bars, clubs, hotels, and spas by zip code for deals at places like Mabel & Zora and Saucebox. Just bring the electronic coupon up on your phone and show it to the shop’s staff to get a discount on that sundress or plate of sashimi. You’ll score the same steals Mom did—but look way cooler doing it.

by Teleportaloo
Wait and wonder no more: using TriMet’s live tracking data, PDX Bus creates reliable Google maps of bus, MAX light-rail, and streetcar positions and their estimated arrival times. Bookmark your favorite routes, or use your GPS position to create new ones. And if you find yourself waiting in the shadows, use the app’s “nighttime visibility flasher,” which blinks brightly to catch the bus driver’s eye.

by Small Society
You’ve got one hour until the potluck starts, and you have no idea what to make for your vegan friends with gluten allergies. Whole Foods’ extensive recipe database can rescue any home cook, even if you’re perusing the shelves of your fridge instead of the grocery store’s aisles. Enter on-hand ingredients or browse recipes by category or dietary restriction to find a solution to your quandary (quinoa tabbouleh, perhaps?). But keep in mind: no app is going to save you if the only two things in your pantry are ketchup and peanut butter.

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