The Timbers Owner's Hilarious Twitter Feud—and More!

Micro-stories about soccer, Edgar Allan Poe, and Portland restaurants invading Oklahoma

Edited by Zach Dundas October 16, 2012

The highlight (so far) of Timbers owner Merritt Paulson’s Twitter feud with retired soccer star Eric Wynalda: “...I have had one stalker ex-girlfriend but Eric is crazier than her. #nutjob”





Nike graphic designer Darrin Crescenzi hath given the world’s nerds a great gift: he designed hundreds of sharp heraldic shields for the noble houses that figure in the fantasy epic Game of Thrones .  



Woody Broadnax, the Pacific Green Party’s candidate for Democrat Earl Blumenauer’s congressional seat, is teaching voters (and anyone else) 
a rump-shaking dance he calls “The Wobble.”





 Local author Paul Collins says the “short biography” of Edgar Allan Poe he just signed a deal to write will portray Poe less as a macabre drunkard and more as “one of America’s first truly professional writers.”





The latest in our food scene’s plot to take over the world: a new café will introduce “the breakfast culture of Portland” (?) to Norman, Oklahoma (??).

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