The Perfect Party: Super Bowl Edition

The guests we’d most like to watch the big game with

January 23, 2013

DAN WIEDEN We care way more about the TV spectacular than who wins on the gridiron. So we’re clearing prime couch space for the cofounder of Wieden & Kennedy, which landed AdWeek honors as the world’s top agency. Dan, every time a spot your shop worked on comes up, everyone shoots Rumple Minze!

JULIE KEEFE Always good to throw an artiste into the mix, so we’ll set out brie for the photographer just inaugurated as Portland’s “creative laureate.” Julie, can you Instragram our nachos?

MIKE JOHNSTON We’d welcome the Portland Winterhawks’ coach to the party, but only after a little time in the corner: his semi-pro junior hockey team got sanctioned for alleged improper compensation to players. Mike, we’ll give you a slot on the sofa for $10. 

PAUL DE MUNIZ We’ll skip the interminable pregame show to party with this just-retired Oregon Supreme Court justice. A decision written by De Muniz (one of his last acts on the bench) put Oregon at the forefront of judicial thinking, requiring that courts consider new research on eyewitness reliability. Paul, you lead us in a game of “You Make the Call.” 

WENDY COLLIE For fine meats and meat alternatives, we look to the new CEO of New Seasons. Have some wine, Wendy. (We love the case discount.) We’ll talk about why our property values—uh, community, we mean—demand another New Seasons.

OUR HOMEMADE STREETCAR Maybe we’ll work off postgame adrenaline with an outing on a trolley built by Oregon’s United Streetcar. The Estacada firm landed massive kudos (from Obama, among others) along with a $19 million contract to be the first US streetcar builder in eons—but missed two delivery deadlines. Portland’s first artisanal mass transit should be rolling by now-ish. But we didn’t place a bet on it.

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