What's Portland's Greatest Name?

From Kyle Awesome to Beau Breedlove, we rank local monickers.

By Zach Dundas and Marty Patail March 22, 2013 Published in the April 2013 issue of Portland Monthly

1. Danielle Foxhoven TRENDING: ↑

 If soccer doesn’t work out, this Portland Thorns player could become a James Bond villain.

2. Kyle Awesome TRENDING:

Mr. Awesome bailed as Banks’s city manager after faking his résumé. Hard to blame someone for trying to live up to his name. 

3. Liverpool Liz  TRENDING: 

Who wouldn’t buy a beer and a shot from this legendary early Portland saloon queen?

4. Ndamukong Suh TRENDING: ↓

This Portland-born NFL defensive stud inflicts as much damage on TV commentators as on rival linemen.

5. Ursula K. Le Guin TRENDING:

Not only does she write science fiction—her name sounds like science fiction!

6. Wim Wiewel TRENDING: 

Portland State hit the linguistic gold mine when it hired “Vim VEEE-vehl!!!” as president. 

7. Kristian Foden-Vencil TRENDING:

Every time this OPB reporter signs off in his mysterious Brit/Oregonian accent, we need a cigarette.

8. Ben Hur Lampman TRENDING:

This old-time Oregonian editor and poet packed a name more powerful than his verse.

9. All the musicians TRENDING:

Black Francis. Pig Champion (RIP). Courtney Taylor-Taylor. We get it, dudes: you’re cool.  

10. Beau Breedlove TRENDING:

Best name ever for a figure in a political sex scandal ... but everyone’s over it.

UNRANKED: Urban Scout; Storm Large; Leather Storrs; Katie Sackhoff; Nong Poonsukwattana; Eden Dawn

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