The Perfect Party August 2013

A made-up mash-up of the month's most fascinating people

August 1, 2013 Published in the August 2013 issue of Portland Monthly

DOROTHY LEMELSON Pride of place goes to the octogenarian philanthropist who donated $1 million to Pacific Northwest College of Art to establish a collaborative art space on the North Park Blocks. Dorothy, thanks for proving someone besides Arlene Schnitzer can write seven-digit checks to the arts. We’ll leave a seat open nearby for any other local notables you can mentor. 

RICH GOWARD & CHARLIE HALES  We dusted off a two-person bench for Portland’s former chief financial officer, who blew the whistle on a top city hall administrator for misallocating city funds, and for the mayor. Now, Rich—we know you claim the city axed your position in retaliation, but have a mimosa and chill. Charlie’s going to explain why it’s all Sam Adams’s fault. Over to you, Your Honor!

KEVIN IRVING This dance-world veteran takes the helm at the ailing Oregon Ballet Theatre after nine-year artistic director Christopher Stowell departed last December. Kevin, your impressive résumé spans stints in New York, Montreal, and Sweden, but you have big slippers to fill. Can you bring one of your hotshot choreographer friends to whet our appetites with a pre-dinner pas de deux? (Read our introductory Q&A with Irving.)

MIA BIRK A toast to Portland’s bike evangelist in chief, who launched a $47 million, Bloomberg-approved, corporate-branded bike-share program in NYC this spring, drawing derision from the right and left. Dangerous? Too expensive? Totalitarian, as one Wall Street Journal sage suggested? Haters gonna hate, Mia. Just pick up a pie from Grimaldi’s for us. That is, if you can ride one-handed.

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