7 Top Spots to Watch the World Cup in Portland

Our favorite Portland bars where intercultural bonding is encouraged. We recommend calling ahead, just to be sure the game is on.

By Marty Patail June 2, 2014 Published in the June 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

442 Soccer Bar

You never know who will show up here: sometimes it’s a second-division English team’s only Portland supporter, in full regalia; other times it’s a mob of red-faced Dutchmen. Think of it as a clash of hooligans, but super-friendly. 1739 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 503-238-3693

Bazi Bierbrasserie

The galaxy of Belgian beers here will please any Europhile. Even better: Belgium’s team is ranked 12th and has more than a few superstars: a good choice for someone wanting to root for a dark horse. 1522 SE 32nd Ave, 503-234-8888

The Cheerful Bullpen

Portland’s official home to the American Outlaws, Team USA’s supporter group, this Goose Hollow dive will see a lot of red, white, and blue on game days. Show your patriotism. We promise we won’t tell your friends. 1730 SW Taylor St, 503-222-3063

Mad Greek Deli

An austere, utilitarian soccer bar: get as few obstacles as possible between you and the screens. And if you’re rooting for Greece, you might as well do it with a couple of shots of ouzo at the ready. 1740 E Burnside St, 503-232-0274


At this favorite for the downtown workforce hoping to catch a game in between meetings,  England fans will find plenty of friends. Be warned: your boss is probably already here. 112 SW Second Ave, 503-227-4057


An authentic biergarten is a rare and fine thing. Much of Der Mannschaft also plays for FC Bayern Munich, so stick to maltier imports from Germany’s south: a Franziskaner Hefeweizen or a frosty liter of helles will do nicely. 4237 N Mississippi Ave, 503-954-2674

Pop-up World Cup Beer Garden

With the World Cup  right around the corner, Alex Mackay felt that Portland needed a gathering spot worthy of Soccer City, USA. The games, which are held in Brazil, begin at 9am, so Mackay did a quick calculation: Daydrinking + soccer + sunshine/June-uary = German style beer garden! Enter the World Cup Beer Garden, debuting on the first day of the tournament (Thursday, June 12) and ending the day of the final (Sunday, July 13). Read more!

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