The Perfect Party: September 2014

A made-up mash-up of the month's most fascinating people, from Katy Perry to a Chicago top chef

By Matty Newton September 2, 2014 Published in the September 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

Homaro Cantu 

The evening’s entrées will be provided by Cantu, chef at Chicago modernist temple Moto, who returns to his native Northwest for a celebrity appearance at Feast. Homaro, you pioneered molecular gastronomy, so we’ll take our steak foam medium-rare. 

Scott Kveton 

We’re stacking pillows to break the fall for the former Urban Airship CEO, who had the worst summer ever. Just days after Forbes lauded Kveton for closing $46 million in venture funding, an ex-girlfriend hit him with a sexual assault lawsuit and he resigned. Yikes. 

Katy Perry 

Our favorite bodacious brunette returns to Portland this month, so we’re moving the party to a Moda Center box suite. Dearest Katy, we know you’ll be flooded with requests from teenage “Katy Cats.” But can you please sign our poster? It’s for our, uh, niece.

Jamie Kompon

Whiskey over ice for the Winterhawks’ new coach and general manager, replacing NHL-bound Mike Johnston. Jamie, those are giant skates to fill. The Hawks have reached the final in each of the last four seasons ... so no pressure or anything. 

Edan Lepucki 

This LA writer gave Portland’s economy a boost when Stephen Colbert plugged her debut novel, California, urging viewers to buy the book at Powell’s instead of via Amazon. Thanks for your indie cred, Edan. One more test and you’re in: Burgerville or In-N-Out?

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