The Perfect Party: September 2015

A made-up mash-up of the month’s most fascinating people, from LaMarcus Aldridge to Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock

August 24, 2015 Published in the September 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

0915 pp09 krajewski b4w9gt

Image: Matty Newton


Sara Krajewski

This accomplished Seattle art veteran joins Portland Art Museum as its new curator of modern and contemporary art—a key position vacant since last fall. Say, Ms. Krajewski, how do you feel about
Star Wars fan art? Asking for a friend. 


0915 pp09 aldridge o2pvir

Image: Matty Newton

 LaMarcus Aldridge

We’re passing around a big box of tissues in honor of the Blazers power forward and all-star who is leaving Portland after nine up-and-down seasons to go to San Antonio. I guess we sort of get it, LA. But did you have to let us know via Twitter? That’s just cold.

0915 pp09 james s414o4

Image: Matty Newton

Renee James

A parting banquet for Intel’s president and highest-ranking woman, who is leaving behind her 25-year career in Hillsboro to pursue a CEO position elsewhere. After dinner, can you have a look at our laptop? We can’t find the “any” key.


0915 pp09 brock xlqs42

Image: Matty Newton

Isaac Brock

The front man for Modest Mouse recently told Polish media, while on tour, that Portland was kind of “crappy.” You’re entitled to your opinion, brah. But while we’re tearing into these Pok Pok wings, we reserved you a table for one at Shari’s.

0915 pp09 wallace f0de8b

Image: Matty Newton


Ali Wallace

Head of the table goes to this 21-year-old Portland State student, who represents Oregon this month at the Miss America pageant. Ali, we’re a little bummed you didn’t enter the Miss USA contest instead. We really wanted you to punk Trump.

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