How Qualified Is Ted Wheeler, Really?

Oregon’s state treasurer is now running for Portland mayor. We size up the pros and cons.

By Marty Patail November 23, 2015 Published in the December 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

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Already has ironclad campaign slogan: “Wheelin’ and Dealin’”

As former Eagle Scout, can win over voters with sweet knot-tying skills

His degree from Harvard is probably better than yours

Resisted corrupting influence of absolute power as Multnomah County chair

Once snowshoed to North Pole, so can tell futuregenerations what snow looks like

Power move: suggestively removing glasses

Charlie Hales’s withdrawal relieves voters of oppressive burden of having to make a choice

Still on Amanda Fritz’s good side

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Probably couldn’t hang at one of Jeff Cogen’s ragers

Summited Mount Everest, while we have a perfectly decent mountain of our own

Competes in Ironman Triathalon every year— and we’ll definitely have to hear about it

Great-grandfather’s town of Wheeler, Oregon, is near the tsunami zone

Sixth-generation Oregonian, and still no royal title

Name is an ominous anagram for “He weltered”

Last in candidate pool alphabetically

Kind of a Miranda

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