Our Best Long Reads of 2015

A legendary writer. An iconoclastic artist. The myth of sustainable chicken. The truth about Portland and Californians. Dive deep into Portland Monthly's in-depth coverage of 2015.

By Zach Dundas December 29, 2015

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Hipster Headress Warpath, by Portland artist Wendy Red Star

"Wendy Red Star Totally Conquers the Wild Frontier": A Portland artist on the rise unleashes a hilarious (and hard-hitting) vision of Native American life in the 21st Century.

"Give Us Your Californians": Migration—especially from the economic behemoth to our south—is transforming Oregon and driving many Portlanders to despair. But for one key local industry, the only angst about "outsiders" is the worry that we'll never have enough.

"The Oregon Woman": From an icon of indie rock and controversial comedy to one of the builders of Portland's newest bridge, Oregon's women took charge in 2015. These 10 are defining the state's future.

"Chicken v. Egg": You will never eat cheap chicken again.

"A Dragon in Winter": Ursula Le Guin may be Portland's greatest living writer. And at age 85, she might also be the fiercest.

"The High Card": How the Portland-based design "atelier" that crafts the Ace Hotel brand changed its industry forever.

"The Ballad of Pete Krebs": One voice threads through four decades of Portland's legendary music scene.

"To Russia, With Love": Famed chef Vitaly Paley goes deep—emotionally as well as culinarily—to rediscover the cuisine of his roots.


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