What’s the Deal with Wim Wiewel?

Portland State’s president wants a new payroll tax. But first, we size him up.

By Marty Patail December 21, 2015 Published in the January 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

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Seems really jazzed about education stuff

Put a merciful end to those Ice Bucket Challenge videos by doing it himself

Has exclusive access to the wealthiest, most generous, most bogus of donors

You can pronounce his name while swishing a mouthful of water

Sophomores playing acoustic guitar in Park Blocks down 13 percent

Once wrote a scholarly article titled “Actiegroepen en Binnengemeentelijke Decentralisatie,” so clearly knows a lot about Actiegroepen en Binnengemeentelijke Decentralisatie

Looks a little like Mr. Lippman from Seinfeld

Full of wim and wigor

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0116 wim wiewel t7qysn


New $63 million business school lacking middle management VR simulator

Has bummed around campus since 2008 without earning a degree

Overly sensitive to Dutch jokes 

Yet to brave the Inferno Chicken Wing Challenge at the Cheerful Tortoise

School football program improving despite timeworn policy of forgetting it exists

Brings dishonor upon the 1 percent by riding his bike to work

Losing sight of the founding mission of the Vanport Extension Center

Yet to lead any Vikings slain in battle to the gates of Valhalla

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