This Portland Start-Up Wants You to Lick Your Cat

The Kickstarter-funded Licki Brush lets you groom your pet.

By Michelle Porter June 21, 2016

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It goes without saying that bonding with those important to you is #goals. QT with our pets (aka our children) is just as important to building and strengthening these bonds, like walking your dog—and licking your cat. 

That's where Licki Brush comes in. As of the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised nearly $49,000—well over over its goal of $36,000—with five days left to go. 

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Licki Brush was launched by Portlanders Jason and Tara O’Mara, who say they felt excluded from their pets’ bonding ritual. Realizing how essential this is to the future of feline-human relations, the duo came up with a way to include pet owners everywhere in the grooming equation.

Made with soft silicone bristles designed to feel just cat-tastic on your pet's sensitive skin, the Licki Brush is mutually beneficial, the O'Maras say, as it soothes both you and your cat.

“Dogs can be a little bit more loud and noisy about their needs," Tara says. "Cats in general are just very quiet and if they become depressed or bored, it’s not viewed as something wrong with the cat and it’s viewed as natural cat behavior when it isn’t.”

To use, simply grasp the Licki Brush between your teeth.

And brush away!

TV personalities Kelly Ripa and Jimmy Fallon have both featured the brush (Jimmy Kimmel will soon, too). Meanwhile, the O'Maras say they've received an invitation to plunge into Shark Tank.

The O’Maras say they aren’t in a hurry to enter retail stores just yet, and instead plan to keep their focus on online sales. This strategy has helped spread the international Licki love like wildfire. “From a small country with major feline adoration, Japanese distributors have caught wind and will be adding this tool in their cat worshipping practices," Tara says. 

This isn't the O’Maras' first successful Kickstarter, either. Their SHRU, a smart cat toy, raised $100,000 above its goal. While SHRU is equipped with tech that enables interactive play while you’re away, the Licki Brush aims to please when you’re finally back home with your pets. 

Adds Tara: “Take it to your next white elephant party!”

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