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19 Oregon Women You Must Follow on Social Media

Pundits, belly-laugh makers, deep thinkers, and eye candy generators: here are the local ladies to follow on Instagram and Twitter.

By Portland Monthly Staff March 20, 2017 Published in the April 2017 issue of Portland Monthly


Strong, hip-shooting voice on tech, law, and politics. Gives good GIFs.


Former Live Wire host Courtenay Hameister is hilarious, even when penning Craigslist ads for her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s absurd clutch of Longaberger baskets.


Black, queer “brazen femininity and sexuality” and sex-positive coaching.


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The sharp-witted PDX comedian just moved to LA, but we still claim her.


Renee Lopez shoots vibrant portraits of women of color and Portland’s hip-hop scene.


Kelly Cox, intrepid PDX-based host of public TV’s Original Fare, grazes the globe to highlight its food and people. Twitter/Instagram


Mangoes drenched in chile and hot sauce. #liveoaxaca #mexico #foodporn

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Vegan recipes, body positivity, and senior dog pix, from a radical personal trainer.


Adzuki beans, brown rice, steamed cabbage and brocs, avocado, green curry and peanut sauces, sesame garnish. BOOM.

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Popaganda podcast host on politics/social justice. Twitter/Instagram


Broke up a Planned Parenthood protest by chanting “yeast infections.”


Photographing Oregon’s Vietnamese community (and much more!).


squad goals💅🏽💅🏽

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Art, activism, and sex tips from our fave queer, Syrian American cartoonist. Twitter/Instagram


Loopy, lavish eye candy from indie candy brand Quin’s sugar czarina Jami Curl.


Aaaall the (trippy, intricate, kung fu flick–fueled) nail art.


@asabree On @insta.bex #nailswag #nailchurch #fingerbangportland #fingerbangme #fingerbang

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Oh Joy, Sex Toy cartoonist’s art in progress, plus feminist crafting.


Oregonian journo who was behind Willamette Week’s hilarious (now-defunct) Lady Things column.


Instagram star all about quirky hair shots. Spot the local designers!


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Delivering food porn is literally brand ambassador Kari Young's job.


Chic jeweler digs up desert gemstones.


Happy AF in the halite crystal bed at Searles Lake last weekend 😁✨

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Hard-core hiker delivers a stunningly raw, windswept counterpoint to Kinfolk-y Oregon.

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