I just got into the series Chewing Gum, a British show about a young black woman who realizes how religion has restricted her life and starts busting out. It’s kind of bananas, and really funny. And then High Maintenance [about a weed delivery guy who caters to stressed-out New Yorkers]. I loved the web series, too, but the move to HBO allowed an expansion of really humane, relatable storylines.


2 Dope Queens, with Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, because they are flat-out two of the funniest women out there. And Bad with Money, which tackles the difficulties of talking about money and has great guests who really open up on a subject that so many people feel is taboo.


I’m reading The Mothers, by Brit Bennett. I don’t read a lot of fiction, but it’s so absorbing, and the writing is beautiful.


Never imagined that something I wrote would inspire its own ice cream flavor but here we are #themothers

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I love that She Shreds magazine, which is dedicated to female guitarists and bassists, is based here—they present a lot of shows around town, which my fantasy self who can stay up past 11 p.m. attends.

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