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Portland Monthly's Top 10 Stories of 2017

What made readers click this year? Among other things: creepy monster masks, kid-friendly eateries, and life-giving Korean spas.

By Portland Monthly Staff December 19, 2017

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Our no. 1 story of 2017? A blog post about a Grimm warehouse sale.

The internet is a fickle beast. Some stories hit hyperspeed on the information superhighway. Others idle on the shoulder. Why? We have our theories (Mark Zuckerberg may or may not play a role). But for now, here are the top 10 stories we published in 2017, ranked by unique page views:

  1. Grimm Is Selling All of Its Weird Props and Monster Costumes: In March, a 40,000-square-foot warehouse filled with more than 120 episodes’ worth of Grimm props and paraphernalia opened its doors to the public. The internet wanted all the deets.
  2. Portland's Most Kid-Friendly Restaurants: Which local eateries are cool with sticky hands, temper tantrums, and picky eaters? These 24.
  3. 8 Essential Forest Park Hikes: First timer? Super athlete? Arborist? Portland's beloved urban forest has a trail for you.
  4. These Korean Spas Will Heal Everything That Ails You: Turns out I-5 North is an unlikely route to serenity.
  5. ‘Unlikely Hiker’ Jenny Bruso Blasts Open the Idea of Who Belongs in the Wilderness: The self-described “queer, femme, fat, former indoors kid” is known online for her project Unlikely Hikers, which highlights the stories of other anti-stereotypical adventurers.
  6. Portland's Best New Restaurants of 2017: It was a wild, delicious year. These dining experiences defined the city’s scene.
  7. These 'Sleeping Pods' Provide Safety and Warmth for Portland's Homeless: Socially conscious architecture from Portland State University’s Center for Public Interest Design.
  8. 16 Places in Portland to Drink Coffee Right Now: From hand-roasted beans to double-decker buses to scene-stealing décor, these destinations are in a class of their own.
  9. You Can Now Support Homeless LGBTQ Youth by Washing Your Hair: Rudy’s Barbershop launched a new unisex product line, with a portion of proceeds going to Portland’s Outside In, among other organizations.
  10. Portland's Awful Winter Weather Is Endangering Local Retailers: Remember all that ice and snow? It was bad for local businesses.
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