↑ Upside

  • Enduring indie rock scene at last gives 40-something, college-educated white men something to call their own
  • City sounds pair surprisingly well with import car commercials
  • Band T-shirts make it easy to spot the other cool parents
  • Incredibly cute to watch aging music critics attempt to comprehend emerging hip-hop and electronic scenes
  • Twenty five years of keeping Malkmus off the streets
  • Quarterflash!

↓ Downside

  • More things Seattle thinks it invented
  • Seems like other cities’ musicians now have more tattoos than ours. What is going on?
  • Limited potential for racy Behind the Music–style tell-alls, since everybody just ends up working in advertising
  • Your folkie aunt’s Soundcloud release just hit 100 listens
  • Everclear lyrics: dubious way to learn about gentrification
  • Not so many summer jams
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