↑ Upside

  • Europe tried to ban memes so they can’t claim the high road anymore
  • Ted Wheeler didn’t participate in the “In My Feelings” challenge
  • Wildfire smoke lent the city a sexy Blade Runner vibe
  • Russia didn’t demand too much of us new citizens yet
  • One year closer to the sweet release of death
  • They made a new iPhone I guess
  • Magazine journalism survived*
  • Divisible by 2

↓ Downside

  • Still three Portland restaurants left that haven’t been rebranded as wine bars
  • This column inspired only a handful of angry reader letters—it’s like you don’t even care
  • Trump stuff is even weirder than circa-2017-you could have imagined
  • Everyone forgot 20th anniversary of Armageddon
  • Failed to obtain foreign citizenship à la Meghan Markle
  • Results of 2018 midterms bad somehow, probably*
  • Electric scooters, amirite?

*As of press time. This issue went to press on Election Day.

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