How Many Oregon Towns Can You Guess from This Old Quiz?

The quiz features 42 rebuses. It's harder than you'd expect.

By Marty Patail February 12, 2019

Image: GoPetADog

How well do you know your Oregon towns? Last month, Reddit user GoPetADog (yes, we will!) dug up an old Oregon town worksheet featuring 42 rebuses standing in for Oregon towns. And it has us stumped. 

The original poster did not respond to a message asking for details on the sheet's origin, but according to the rest of the comments it appears to be an older worksheet. 

"Omg I remember doing this in school!" declared one Redditor. "I’m making my 4/5th grade class do this this afternoon now."

Some are very easy: No. 2 is Gresh-ham. No. 8 is Drain. No. 12 is Mount Angel. In the Portland Monthly office, we had less success. Florence, John Day, and Salem proved particularly difficult. 

If you're stumped, you can always look up the answers here. But we recommend printing it out and putting it up on your fridge instead. How many can you get without looking up the answers?

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