Kate Brown Just Signed an Executive Order Protecting Gender Identity

The executive order also expands bathroom access at state buildings for those who are transgender, nonbinary or gender non-conforming.

By Julia Silverman October 25, 2019

Set your wayback machines, folks, and travel to 1987 when it was considered fully ground-breaking when public agencies in the state of Oregon were barred from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. (And consider, too, that more than 30 years later, 26 states still lack legal protection against employment discrimination for the LQBTQ+ population.)

On Friday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, updated the original executive order, adding gender identity to the list.

“There are more sexual orientations than just gay and lesbian,” Brown said. “And there are more than two gender identities.”

Under the executive order, state agencies will need to modify forms inquiring about gender to include a “Nonbinary/Other” option, in addition to “male” and “female.”

Additionally, all state agencies will need to expand restroom access, to accommodate anyone — state employee or otherwise—who is transgender, nonbinary or gender non-conforming.

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