This Portland Actor Channels Die Hard's Hans Gruber Every Holiday Season

A Q&A with actor Landy Lamb, who shines as German mastermind Hans Gruber in Funhouse Lounge's Die Hard: The Musical

By Conner Reed November 26, 2019 Published in the December 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Landy Lamb as German mastermind Hans Gruber

Funhouse Lounge brings back John McClane and Sgt. Al’s Twinkie for another holiday season, with Landy Lamb as German mastermind Hans Gruber (pictured), a character the late Alan Rickman turned into one of cinema’s most memorable villains. 

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Yes.

Which Die Hard is your favorite? The original. I do love Die Harder, which is truer to the original formula than Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Would you play Simon [Hans’s brother, played on film by Jeremy Irons] in Die Hard with a Vengeance: The Musical? I think it would be a harder part to parody. He’s a lot angrier than Hans. Hans has a lot of confidence and coolness, but Simon’s got ... a vengeance.

Who’s your accent inspiration? It’s very specifically the impersonation of Alan Rickman from Family Guy. When doing a parody, I think it’s important to do more what people remember it sounding like than what it actually sounds like.

Other than Hans, who’s been your favorite character to parody? Buffy. That’s the show where I met and fell in love with my husband, Sean [who played Pike in the high school vampire saga]. Last December, during a performance of Die Hard, Sean [who also plays Gruber’s nemesis and the story’s hero, John McClane] proposed to me onstage in front of our sold-out audience. It was magical. I was dressed like Hans Gruber when I got proposed to. 

Die Hard: The Musical Parody

Nov 29–Jan 4, Funhouse Lounge

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