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Complaining About the Influx of Californians Is Basically Oregon’s Favorite Pastime

Dive into the data so you can keep up.

By Mark Fogerson January 21, 2020 Published in the February 2020 issue of Portland Monthly

Bashing the constant inflow of Californians to our fair state is many an Oregonian’s cherished pastime. (Meanwhile, in Washington state, they’ve got cause to complain about the Oregonians arriving in search of income tax free, pump-your-own-gas pastures. But that’s another story.) Take heart, PDX’ers: the emerging hotspots for these refugees from the Bay Area and environs are Southern and Central Oregon, thanks to their (comparatively) lower housing costs and better weather.


Average number of Californians moving to Oregon annually from 2013–2017, nearly twice the number of Oregonians who moved south every year in the same period


Percentage of Oregon’s population born in California


Percentage of overall new residents in Oregon who come from California each year


Percentage of those who hail from SoCal


Most common age range at which Californians decide to heed Oregon’s siren call


Median home price in sunny, sunny San Diego in 2018

$1.3 million

Median home price in spendy, spendy San Francisco in 2018


Median home price in rain-rain-go-away Portland in 2018


Number of In-N-Out Burgers Oregon needs to catch up with our neighbor. (So far, we have three, in Medford, Grants Pass, and Keizer.)

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