Starting Tonight, Portland Will Make a Bunch of Noise for First Responders

Nurses, doctors, grocery store employees, bus drivers ... they can’t stay home during the crisis. At 7 p.m. each day, let’s show them our appreciation.

By Marty Patail March 27, 2020

It’s already happening all over the world: in cities across Spain, Italy, Germany, and India, people confined to their homes are stepping out onto their balconies, patios, and doorsteps to clap, cheer, and bang on pots and pans for those who can’t stay inside. 

And starting tonight at 7 p.m., Mayor Ted Wheeler wants to extend this nightly ritual to Portland.

“Our nurses, doctors, and first responders continue to risk their health and well-being every single day to make sure the sickest among us get the care they need,” he stated in a March 26 press release. “Other community heroes like grocery store employees, delivery drivers, chefs, and others make sure we have food on the table. Let’s boost the morale for all those who are struggling as well—a nightly reminder that no one is alone.”

Using the#PDXThanksYou, the mayor hopes to spread the word. How long will this ritual go on? As long as it’s needed, he says.

“We will continue the nightly cheering until the deadly impact of COVID-19 is a thing of the past,” he continued. “History will look back at this moment and see a community rise together and support each other in ways that seemed unimaginable even just a few weeks ago. We’ll get through this together.”

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